Edilott born from the experience of more than 40 years gained in the construction sector. Directed from Federico Ottobrini, Edilott boasts of a qualified staff, ensuring courtesy, competence and a wide range of services made avaible for better advice you in the selection of products to build ad hoc, restructure, heat, embellish and finish your house. From technical materials for the equipment, from coatings furnishings garden, only products of high level, selected as the best producers in the world of building convetional and organic, to provide a valid response to your every.


Edilott realize work of construction and restructuring in general: construction of villas and apartments key in hand; consolidation with conservative recovery and restoration of villas, farmhouses, country houses, apartments and palaces in the historical centers throughout the territory of central Italy .


Working consolidation of the foundations and walls; remake new floors in any material; software roofs ventilated and remake Manti coverage; remake plasters internal and external floors and coverings; and plastering' facades and restoration of existing fixtures.

Activities and powers

Proposal, advice and assistance in the purchase of buildings have the honour in all the Umbrian and national territory.


Edilott is regularly entered in the register of undertaking in the Chambre of Commerce and to the Fund construction of Perugia , Umbria . Enjoying the SOA attestation og 1. Conservation and restructuring of old rural buildings, construction of new buildings like the old farmhouses, maintance of buildings subject to protection under the provisions in the field of cultural goods.